Our Commitments

Data privacy

We analyze simple gestures and body movements.

Face remains blurred at all times. Phygitix only collects and processes following data to build reports: Estimated gestures, Questionnaire information, Time stamp, Edge location, Device settings. As our customer, you will be able to receive all the data in your reports. We are GDPR compliant.

Explainable AI

At Phygitix, we train our data on large datasets to reduce bias risk.

Our apps can understand local accents & dialects. Our apps are inclusive as they propose voice, reading or motion option.

Diversity & inclusion

At Phygitix, we are proud of the diversity of our teams across Americas, Asia & Europe. We give equal opportunities to our employees.

Net zero policy

The device used for Phygishop, Phygisurvey  & Phygiplay have a low energy consumption rate.

If you own display kiosk, we are happy to recondition the kiosk to run our apps!