Immerse your targets in your universe and endears them to your brand or campaign.

Invite your targets to experience your campaign universe

Create emotions & build memories connected to your product.
Infinite game possibilities based on motion

Fully adapted to your visual identity & campaign

  • EWheel of fortune
  • ECatch the fruit, perfume, biscuit etc…
  • EFootball game

Improve awarness

Promote your products & reward winners with samples

Boost direct sales

QR code: enables direct access to you marketplace to push purchase  & other content!


  • Pedestrians control dynamic multimedia interactive displays with simple gestures and body movements
  • Real-time motion control
  • Interaction with display graphic
  • Disruptive and fun full-body interactive experience
  • Full incorporation of your branding & campaign look & feel (mixing 2D & 3D).
  • Integration of marketplace as a call to action

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