The only scan & go app with anti-ticket switching & direct payment from customer to franchise! 

You’re struggling with many apps to manage for all your brands?
You can’t have our loyalty programs all in one app ?
You want to provide personalized  & inclusive shopping assistant to your customers without increasing staff?
We have the solution for you!

A hand-on customer & store manager app for all stores!

  • E100% Touchless Experience
  • EBeat the Queue shopping model
  • EReal time price update for optimal budgeting
  • EShopping Cart like convenience enabling faster checkout
  • EVoice & text feedback
Application PhygiShop
Application PhygiShop


As an end user

Simplified shop to cart experience

  • ECustomers access to previous orders & are able to select previous order as a new one
  • EPlug-in with your store drive & delivery system
  • EIncrease revenue
  • EImprove personalisation campaigns with customers preferences
  • EPush coupons & specific loyalty programs based on previous orders
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Increase revenue by facilitating product search in the store & by providing key information

  • EShopping list creation with all available products in your store
  • EFacilitate in-store shopping with product scan & item store locator
  • ESend product coupons based on your customer’s shopping list to increase sales
Application PhygiShop

Enable customers to register loyalty cards in-app!

  • EHyper-personalized marketing campaign at the moment of truth (shopper inside) increasing offer acceptance manifold
  • ESend product coupons based on your customer’s shopping list to increase sales
Application PhygiShop

Flexible & low carbon payment options

  • EE-bills : support zero carbon emissions
  • ECredit/Debit card, Apple Pay, PayPal & Counter payment options
  • ECustomers save all receipts in-app
Application PhygiShop


As a store manager

Bill verification & anti-ticket switching

  • EBill verification/refund system with ticket scan
  • EAnti-Theft / Ticket Switching solution using best in class Deep Learning algorithm
  • EDetection of product thanks to AI-based video analytics
  • ERecognition of bare code
Application PhygiShop

Manage your store network in a single view!

  • ECreate & manage stores by brand
  • ELocate stores on map
  • EGenerate reports by store & by brand
Application PhygiShop

Inventory management

  • EAdd & update products in store & in app automatically
  • EResulting in optimal SKU storage and supply chain planning
  • EEnsure customer satisfaction with no product shortage on app
Application PhygiShop

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