Use hand gesture to increase your customer feedback base
with a fun & easy survey kiosk.

From “old world” Kiosk solutions that requires people to touch surfaces or keyboard to contactless full-body immersive experiences.

  • ETouchless Feedback Kiosks based on AI powered Gesture Recognition
  • E Increase your feedback base to improve customer experience & reputation
  • EWire/WiFi/4G enabled Kiosks
  • ECOVID Free solution : Spread feedbacks, not virus


Create customise & deploy unlimited surveys

  • Design unlimited questionnaire based on Single or multi-question feedback
  • Create questionnaires, onboard & manage devices and deploy questionnaires based on an IOS/Android AdminApp

Set alert rules to trigger operational process to tackle issue

  • Add time to actions in a checklist
  • Trigger Live alerts to employees after negative feedbacks
  • Trigger Live monitoring alerts (memory, storage issues, lost connection, lost power … )
  • Integrate with third party systems ( Service Now, Pegasystems, Salesforce … ) using APIs

Facilitate team management with QR code validation scanning

  • Once the action from the checklist is completed, the operator scans the location tag to validate resolved issue
  • Get a real time report of operational teams actions

Access live reports in real time

  • Report by user, device, by location
  • Create and access to real-time dashboards and customized reports
  • Follow customer satisfaction trends over time
  • Compare data by locations and teams
  • Monitor Service Level Compliance

We all know that inclusivity in surveys is key to compile maximum feedbacks

Our developers take care to expand Phygisurvey features in an inclusive & non-bias approach.

Voice option

How to start?

visuel rapid onbaording

Rapid onboarding

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Phygisurvey: your data is kept as in a safe

Robust data model

build to scale (supports multi-region, multi-country, multi-location hierarchy)

100% control on Devices

with comprehensive admin features

Data Privacy

  • EA1 grade enterprise data application security
  • EGDPR compliant
  • EEncryptions / hashing

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