Use hand gesture to increase your customer feedback base
with a fun & easy survey kiosk.

From “old world” Kiosk solutions that requires people to touch surfaces or keyboard to contactless full-body immersive experiences.

  • ETouchless Feedback Kiosks based on AI powered Gesture Recognition
  • E Increase your feedback base to improve customer experience & reputation
  • EWire/WiFi/4G enabled Kiosks
  • ECOVID Free solution : Spread feedbacks, not virus
Deux écrans de PhygiSurvey


Operational cheklist
Maintenance task validation
Live reports

Create customise & deploy unlimited surveys

  • EDesign unlimited questionnaire based on Single or multi-question feedback
  • ECreate questionnaires, onboard & manage devices and deploy questionnaires based on an IOS/Android AdminApp
Ecran d'une création de questionnaire de PhygiSurvey

Set alert rules to trigger operational process to tackle issue

  • EAdd time to actions in a checklist
  • ETrigger Live alerts to employees after negative feedbacks
  • ETrigger Live monitoring alerts (memory, storage issues, lost connection, lost power … )
  • EIntegrate with third party systems ( Service Now, Pegasystems, Salesforce … ) using APIs
Ecran de PhygiSurvey maintenance

Facilitate team management with QR code validation scanning

  • EOnce the action from the checklist is completed, the operator scans the location tag to validate resolved issue
  • EGet a real time report of operational teams actions
Ecran d'une création de maintenance report de PhygiSurvey

Access live reports in real time

  • EReport by user, device, by location
  • ECreate and access to real-time dashboards and customized reports
  • EFollow customer satisfaction trends over time
  • ECompare data by locations and teams
  • EMonitor Service Level Compliance
Ecran d'un report de PhygiSurvey

We all know that inclusivity in surveys is key to compile maximum feedbacks

Our developers take care to expand Phygisurvey features in an inclusive & non-bias approach.

Voice option

How to start?

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Rapid onboarding

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Phygisurvey: your data is kept as in a safe

Robust data model

build to scale (supports multi-region, multi-country, multi-location hierarchy)

100% control on Devices

with comprehensive admin features

Data Privacy

  • EA1 grade enterprise data application security
  • EGDPR compliant
  • EEncryptions / hashing

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