Phygitix is a MarTech founded by experts in IT, AI, and gesture recognition.

We offer a ”Contactless” – Sales & Marketing Activation Platform
for a frictionless experience across venues.

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Transform customer experience with our phygiverse AI products

Use hand gesture to increase your customer feedback base with a fun & easy survey kiosk.

Key features

  • EBuild & deploy dynamic questionnaires with your branding
  • ESet alert rules to trigger operational process to tackle issue
  • EScan QR code to validate resolved issue
  • EAccess live reports
Deux écrans de PhygiSurvey

The only scan & go app with anti-ticket switching & direct payment from customer to franchise! 

Key features for the customer:

  • EView previous orders
  • EShopping assistant: track item in the store & get more info on products
  • ELoyalty cards & feedback
  • EPayment options

Key features for you!

  • EAnti-theft/ticket switching system
  • ERefund & refill option
  • ECash counter
  • EStore management
  • EPredictive inventory management
3 écrans de l'application PhygiShop

Interactive tracking motion game and automatic product sampling as reward.

Immerse your targets in your universe and endears them to your brand or campaign with a game to win product samples or coupons!

Key features for the customer:

  • EPedestrians control dynamic multimedia interactive displays with simple gestures and body movements
  • EReal-time motion control - Interaction with display graphic
  • EDisruptive and fun full-body interactive experience
  • EFull incorporation of your branding & campaign look & feel (mixing 2D & 3D).
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Seek niche profiles to outstand your competition

We have a pool of worldwide niche AI skilled resources.
Scale in 72H with on/off shore staff availability.

  • EBlockchain
  • EMonetization
  • ECustom software development
  • EQuality assurance

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